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Posters and talks :

There will be two poster sessions, and around 12 posters will be selected for oral blitz presentation (5 minutes) on day 2.  There will be seven short oral sessions, each containing around 6 presentations of 12 minutes (+ 3 minutes for questions).

Please use the template provided on the website. Delete the content of this template, insert your text, and format all elements of your text (heading, author names, body text) using the styles that come with the template (more details within the template).

Abstracts for poster and oral presentations should include the following:  

  • A title that clearly defines the work addressed.

  • Name and affiliation of the authors.  For multi-author papers, please underline the presenter and provide their contact information.

  • An abstract describing the specific goal of the study, the methods used, a summary of the results, and a conclusion.  The abstract should not exceed 300 words (maximum 3 references can be added).

  • Up to 5 keywords.

  • Abbreviations must be spelled out in full at their first use. Do not use abbreviations in the title. Use only standard abbreviations.

  • Do not add formatting. Italic, bold, tabs or extra spaces will not appear in the final program.

  • Your preference of oral or poster presentation.

  • Specify whether you wish to apply for a student travel grant (see below).


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