Short talk titles > Wednesday 25th October 10am-11am

Rhythms & predictions in pathology (Chair: Andre Cravo)


  1. Selective Impairment of Temporal versus Spatial Predictive Coding in Schizophrenia. Valentina Ciullo (Italy) Federica Piras, Gianfranco Spalletta, Jennifer T Coull
  2. Spared Synchronization to the Beat of Music in the Presence of Poor Beat Perception.  Valentin Bégel, Charles-Etienne Benoit , Angel Correa, Diana Cutanda, Sonja A. Kotz, Simone Dalla Bella (France)
  3. Musical Rhythmic Training and Conversational Temporal Skills in Children with Deafness. Céline Hidalgo (France), Simone Falk, Noël Nguyen, Daniele Schön
  4. The role of timing in automatic processing of speech at sub-lexical and lexical levels.  Anita E. Wagner (The Netherlands), Deniz Başkent




The Internal Clock? Models & neurochemistry (Chair: Jennifer Coull)

  1. A functioning model of human time perception.  Warrick Roseboom (UK), Zafeirios Fountas, Kyriacos Nikiforou, David Bhowmik, Murray Shanahan,, Anil Seth
  2. Resolving the dopamine paradox in interval timing: How a phasic dopamine release can reset the clock, whereas tonic dopamine fluctuations alter perceived time.  Hedderik van Rijn (The Netherlands), Pim Mostert, Michael LeKander, Pedro A. Martinez-Mediano,, Zafeirios Fountas
  3. Excitation/inhibition Balance in Cerebellum and Putamen Predict Individual Differences in Interval Timing.  Devin B. Terhune (UK)
  4. Dopaminergic Modulation of Time Perception: A Biophysical Model.  Joachim Hass (Germany)
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