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We had a wonderful response to our call for symposia.    Thank you to all who applied.

The final list of accepted symposia is detailed below, in alphabetical order of the symposium organiser.




Temporal Binding of Actions to their Effects: Underlying Mechanisms and Implications for Cognition, Perception, and Development

Organizers: Marc Buehner & Teresa McCormack


Timing, Neural Dynamics, and Temporal Scaling

Organizer: Dean Buonomano


Listen to your Heart: Our Inner Perception and Experience of Time

Organizers: Nicola Cellini and Giovanna Mioni


Embodied Timing : the role of Emergent and Predictive Timing mechanisms in the Voluntary control of Whole Body movements

Organizer: Yvonne Delevoye-Turrell


Timing and time perception in children

Organizer: Sylvie Droit-Volet


Perception: Continuous or Discrete?

Organizers: Michael Herzog


Timing and Conditioning: A Contemporary Overview

Organizers: Domhnall Jennings and Charlotte Bonardi


Temporal Prediction: Dynamics in Single Neurons and Networks

Organizer: Matthew S. Matell


Temporal organization of perceptual processes by motor-driven low-frequency neuronal oscillations

Organizer: Benjamin Morillon


Musical rhythm: Evolutionary and Cross-cultural Perspectives

Organizers: Andrea Ravignani and Nori Jacoby


Interrelations between the Representation of Time and Space

Organizer: Martin Riemer


Circadian Rhythms in Health and Disease

Organizer: Valerie Simonneaux


Time Processing Deficits in Developmental Disorders

Organizer: Laurel J. Trainor


Neural Oscillations for Time Estimation

Organizer: Martin Wiener


Neural Entrainment as a Mechanism of Efficient Stimulus Processing

Organizer: Benedikt Zoefel


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