Short talk titles > Tuesday 24th October 11.45am-1pm

Temporal learning & memory (Chair: Valerie Doyere)


  1. Interaction of Temporal Predictions across Cues, Durations, and Behavioral Systems.  Matthew S Matell (USA)
  2. Stimulus and Temporal Control of Behavior.  Marcelo S. Caetano (Brazil)
  3. Associate Memory of Elapsed Time: Behavior, Brain Oscillations and Hippocampal Activity.  Vincent van de Ven (The Netherlands) Julia Lifanov, Oana Iosif, Sarah Kochs, Fren Smulders, Peter de Weerd
  4. Interval Timing in Aging Mice.  Ezgi Gür (Turkey), Yalçın Akın Duyan, Sertan Arkan, Ayşe Karson, Fuat Balcı
  5. Temporal Estimation of Familiar Actions in Children and Adults.  Anne-Claire Rattat (France), Valérie Tartasé




Neural Oscillations for Time Estimation (symposium organised by Martin Wiener)

Speakers: Nandakumar Narayanan (USA), Tadeusz. W. Kononowicz  (France), Martin Weiner (USA)

For more details, please see >Symposia abstracts 

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