Symposia abstracts > Tuesday 24th October 11.45am-1pm

Neural Oscillations for Time Estimation (Martin Wiener)

Speakers: Nandakumar Narayanan (USA), Tadeusz. W. Kononowicz  (France), Martin Wiener (USA)



The perception of time and prediction of upcoming events requires coordination between a diverse set of neural regions. Further, interval timing may be fractionated into separate yet overlapping neural circuits that are invoked for different temporal contexts across the brain (i.e. rhythmic vs non-rhythmic). Neural oscillations have emerged as a candidate mechanism for neural timing and the coordination of activity across different timing contexts and brain regions (Wiener & Kanai, 2016). Across the assemblage of frequency bands, numerous associations have been made between distinct frequency bands and timing functions in particular task contexts. For example, delta oscillations (1-4 Hz) have been observed coordinating frontal and cerebellar circuits during interval timing (Parker, et al. 2017), whereas beta oscillations (15-25 Hz) have recently been associated with supra-second temporal reproduction (Kononowicz & van Rijn, 2015). In this symposium, we will provide an overview of various candidate oscillations and speculate on their precise function for interval timing. The work presented in this symposium will span both human and animal models, and include a variety of methods to provide convergent findings.

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