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Strasbourg can be reached by flight or by train

If you have difficulty finding a flight to Strasbourg airport, there are several alternatives.

It’s very easy to get to the town of Strasbourg from Frankfurt airport. If you are flying with Lufthansa, there is a free shuttle that runs directly from Frankfurt airport to the Strasbourg train station. When you are buying your ticket on Lufthansa’s website, look for the Strasbourg bus station. If you are not travelling with Lufthansa, you can use the train from Frankfurt airport instead. It takes about 2 hours to travel from Frankfurt airport to Strasbourg.

You can also get to Strasbourg easily from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. The TGV (fast) train station is located within the airport complex, and it usually takes no more than 20 minutes to get from the plane to the train station. It then takes about 2 hours to get to Strasbourg by train.

Other alternatives are Bâle-Mulhouse or Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, whose airports are close to Strasbourg.

More information can be found on : http://www.strasbourg.info/travel/


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